New Members

At LIAACC, we like to recognize our new members who have recently joined our unique Chamber of Commerce and extend to them a warm welcome. We appreciate your commitment and devotion to improving your business and helping us to grow as a chamber by increasing the quantity and quality of our services to better serve our communities.

We are requesting that all of our existing members reach out to our new members and welcome them to the chamber, and we are asking that all members visit the site periodically to access both new and existing services provided by our member network. Please feel free to reach out to your fellow members online, or seek them out at our next business function or via the website by sending a short e-mail to introduce yourself and your business. Remember that opportunities arise through networking, discussion and exchange of ideas.

On the surface, it may appear that a member may not need your businesses specific services, but circumstances arise when you may need a service provided by one of our members. Check back frequently as our membership base is constantly growing in both the quantity and quality of services it provides to meet the growing needs of our members. Our goal at the chamber is to help our entire membership expand their network, grow their company’s brand, increase their business capacity, and grow the sales and the profitability of their respective businesses.